Tricks Of Power Button of Android Phones

In this article we are going to tell you about the useful tricks of power button in android phones . This article will be enhance your experience with android power button.I love to use and share these types of easy and simple tricks with our viewers. So without wasting any more time lets move on the topic.

1: Take Screenshot

If you want to take screenshot on android phone, you should press and hold the Power button + Volume Button. (In some cases volume up and in some cases volume down)

In some samsung devices you should press and hold the home and power button As shown in following pictures

2:Unlock Phone (Hard Reset)

Sometimes we forget the password of our android phone and we want to unlock the phone by Hard resting. You can do it easily by following the given method.
Press And Hold the volume up (in some devices volume down) and power button and hold for 1 minutes and you will see the following Screen (recovery mode).

Now Select the Erase data option and press yes and wait. Now your phone start restoring process and all data of your device will be deleted, Wait for few minutes and your phone will automatically restart. Now your device is unlocked, now you can set new password or pattern.